Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise Instruction

Research shows that 90-percent or more of musculoskeletal pain is related to mechanical dysfunction. This means the pain is from excessive tissue loading due to abnormal alignment and movement.  It is associated with the aging process and is a common limiter of physical performance whether at the home of on the field.

Chiropractic Manual Therapy treats the movement and alignment problems and corrective exercise treats the muscular imbalances and stability problems.  That is why “best care” for mechanical pain is a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercises.

There are eight different tracks, or groups of corrective exercises that each target a common pattern of muscle imbalances and their associated posture and movement problems. The goal of each track of corrective exercises is to correct the muscular imbalances by re-establishing normal motor programming. Corrective exercises upgrade your muscle software and motor subconscious.

There are four levels, or progressions, to each corrective exercise track:

Level A - Kinesthetic A wareness, or making a mental connection to an area and the muscles involved in posture and movement of that area.

Level B - B asic Voluntary Movement or  Volition which is the ability to consciously control posture and movement of that area.

Level C - C hallenge and C oordination is the ability to maintain conscious control of the posture and movement of the area while under load or while coordinating it with another activity.

Level D - D irect activity of the desired action by creating D ominant motor programming. By increasing the D ifficulty of the exercises you can change your motor subconscious.